Johnny Loco

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Long and narrow, that is how we define our new touring cruiser. A classic design with modern elements.
Aluminum box for up to 4 children, wide saddle with double suspension, turn safely with the tilting
frame, provided with a 7-speed hub gear, powered by Shimano StepsⓇ system.
This cargo bike is the most beautiful and lightest in its kind. Thanks to the large alloy box this bike offers the optimal protection for your precious property.
Long and small, that’s how we describe our new Touring Cruiser. A classic design equipped with modern parts. The Touring Cruiser, with its thicker tires than a racing bike, can be used in and outside the city.
Blue with brown tires and black fenders. These make this Delivery a stylish ladies bike, with which you want to be seen.
The stylish shades of the high north make this Delivery tough and elegant at the same time. Strong for heavy work, light for a nice city trip or a day of shopping.
The beautiful pastel colors of the American west coast, with a cheeky reference to romantic Venice. The Urban Venice is the best of both worlds.
A really tough transport bike, because of its beautiful grey color and black mudguards. For heavy work, but surprisingly light.
Zwart met een fijne nuance. De soep wordt immers nooit zo heet gegeten... Robuust, klassiek en toch opvallend.
Rough landscape, green fields, steep rocky coasts and a pub on every corner in the narrow city streets. You can feel that the Urban Dublin is a bike for tough men.
The sun creates a golden glow on the buildings and mountain tops. Great highlands and deep canyons, and one of the highest cities in the world with one million inhabitants. La Paz can justly be called Urban.
Classical music and opera, beautiful old buildings, the waltz, and delightful Sachertorte; that’s the city of Vienna. A city with a rich history, but still very modern.
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