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Fast, safe and super easy to ride e-cargo bike with car-like comfort.

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Features & options

MK1-E  -  The original tilting cargo bike.


Any color you want

As long as its black or white.

Choosing the right color is pretty easy. Pick the cool matte black or the shiny white frame.

Feel free to mix and match with a black frame and white box or vice versa.

Front box

Jump or walk in

Choose between the box with or without the front door

The MK1-E front box comes in two different versions. One without a front door. And one with. For families with children, we always recommend the door.

Made to fit your changing needs

You can easily change the box interior without using tools

The MK1-E front box comes in two different versions. One without a front door. And one with. For families with children, we always recommend the door.

Take 4 kids to the playground
The child pack will fit 2 kids in the age between 1 and 8. If you add another one you could bring 4 kids along for the ride.
Use your car seat for a toddler
All MK1-E cargo bikes have an integrated iso-fix mount which means you can attach your car seat and bring your baby safely with you. It's a tool free mount and a very safe way to bring your smallest one along. When he/she is old enough to sit up you can use the child pack.
If you have a toddler (0-1) and an older brother or sister the Weber seat and child pack combination are ideal. The Weber seat can be mounted facing both ways.

Box exterior

Put a lid on it

Add a hard top to the MK1-E in less than 2 minutes without using any tools

Adding the hard top has never been easier or faster. Use the MK1-E for cargo delivery during the day and with a closed box and remove it in the afternoon when picking up the kids from kindergarten.

The hard top is compatible with both the box with a door and the one without.

Bosch Performance CX e-bike system

Get there without breaking a sweat

We added the most powerful and reliable e-bike system on the market to the MK1-E. 

Going uphill or riding long distances? With the integrated and powerful Bosch Performance CX motor, you can easily get there with your kids and groceries without breaking a sweat.

All our MK1-E are equipped with the most powerful Bosch e-bike motor available - the Performance Line CX.

The Performance CX drive unit delivers an impressive maximum torque of 75 Newton meters and will help you concur even the steepest hills or drag heavy loads without breaking a sweat. 

Gear options

Highest efficiency or lowest maintenance 

Pick the optimal gear for your MK1-E based on your needs

SRAM NX 1x11 derailleur gear

Choose this setup if you are looking for the highest efficiency and want to get maximum power out of the Bosch CX motor. Perfect for very hilly areas.


NuVinci N380 + Gates CDX belt drive

Choose the internal geared N380 paired with the Gates Carbon Drive CDX system for a smooth and nearly maintenance-free setup. Perfect for urban life

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