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Practical, functional and but still with a reduced appearance – Gustav is an allrounder in the urban environment and offers a lot of comfort and features for everyday commuters. One highlight is the integrated front rack. Fixed to the head tube it does no Read more.

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Product description

Gustav - The Allrounder

Practical, functional and but still with a reduced appearance – Gustav is an allrounder in the urban environment and offers a lot of comfort and features for everyday commuters. One highlight is the integrated front rack. Fixed to the head tube it does not move while steering. Even when loaded heavily the bikes rides smooth and save. Be it a pick nick blanket or a parcel, your load will be fixed tightly with the flexible strap system that Schindelhauer developed for this bike. 
Thanks to the new Schindelhauer frame geometry with a longer head tube and shorter stem, Gustav offers a comfortable riding position. Wide tyres help on uneven roads and allow for a relaxed driving experience. Even cobblestones or rough paths will become new favorite short cuts thanks to the comfy large volume tyres. Gustav is optionally fitted with a two-speed SRAM-Automatix hub for automatic shifting or with a 8-speed Shimano Nexus internal geared hub. An elegant lighting system which is discreetly integrated into the Curana fenders completes this Schindelhauer-newbie.

Front Rack

We find it really handy to be able to carry heavy items on our bikes and so decided to design a front rack for Greta that securely attaches to the frame. The rack does not affect steering and Greta can sail through traffic even with heavier items on board. We have equipped it with the innovative VarioStraps system, which can be adjusted to adapt to the size and shape of whatever you are carrying. When not in use, the straps can be tucked away discreetly on the rack.
Whether you’re transporting a heavy fruit basket or a large bunch of flowers, this ultra-adaptable strap system can be adjusted to suit the size, weight and type of any object. Pull the straps tightly around a heavy fruit basket to attach it securely or fasten the straps gently around a delicate bunch of flowers. You can securely carry pretty much anything you want on the front rack thanks to the numerous holes built into the VarioStraps system. When not in use, the straps can be neatly tucked away on the rack.
Front Light
Neatly integrated underneath the front mudguard, the CURANA ILU front light practically goes unnoticed when switched off. With an output of 30 lux, the hub-dynamo operated LED headlight easily meets German road traffic regulations. The light even stays on when you’re not pedalling so you can still be seen when stopped at traffic lights.
Rear Light
When it’s switched off, you’ll hardly notice the CURANA ILU back light as the neat design forms part of the front mudguard. The hub-dynamo operated LED light meets German road traffic regulations and even stays on when you’re not pedalling so you can still be seen when stopped at traffic lights.
When fitting a drive belt on a bike, you need an ultra-strong frame and rigid rear triangle. Parts and components made from aluminium are both strong and lightweight, making it the ideal material to use when designing rigid bikes. For this reason, at Schindelhauer Bikes we manufacture all our frames with high-quality 6061 aluminium. For maximum stiffness, each frame is T6 heat treated and for the perfect balance between lightweight design and durability, we use triple-butted aero tubing. What’s more, after we weld the tubes using the TIG welding process, we polish every single joint weld. Known as ‘smooth-welding’, polishing joint welds not only looks clean and neat, but also alleviates stress concentration and improves the fatigue strength of the frame, making cycling even more of a joy.  

As the front rack is attached to the head tube, torsional stiffness was especially important when it came to designing the frame for Greta. We achieved this by adding a large-volume down tube. For increased flexibility when it comes to gear changing options, cables have been attached externally. The forged dropout connects the slider-belt-tensioning-system and our in-house developed SBP (Schindelhauer Belt Port). This means the bike frame is ready to be fitted with the Gates Drive Belt.  
A child seat can be easily attached to this model.

Our main goals when developing the geometry for this bike were to provide enough clearance for the large-volume 650B tyres, sufficient loading height for the front rack and a relaxed riding position. We incorporated a low bottom bracket and long head tube into the design to fully achieve all three aims. In order to mount a suspension seat post and give the bike traditional sloping-style geometry, we also made the seat tube a little shorter. With Greta, you can also mount a child seat without it hindering your mobility.
Tyres WTB Horizon
We want cyclists to be comfortable and able to explore the city at high speeds with Greta. To guarantee both, we opted for the WTB Horizon 650 B. The tyre makes light of cobblestones without the need to reduce pedalling speed. Reflective strips ensure you’re safely seen in the dark and the brown strip on the sides adds a little chic.
Gates Carbon Drive CDN
Sail down the street enjoying only the sound of the tyres on the road and the rushing wind with the smooth, quiet belt drive system you find on all Schindelhauer bikes. 

The carbon-fibre reinforced belt drive makes a wonderful alternative to the conventional chain. High-strength carbon fibres mean the belt doesn’t stretch like a traditional chain and drive components need to be replaced much less frequently. As a result, the CDN belt drive lasts at least as long as a conventional chain. The open sprocket design means the innovative drive system doesn’t attract dirt and debris. Multiple tests confirm that the belt drive is as efficient as a traditional chain. The belt drive particularly proves to be a better option over the long term when traditional chains operate much less efficiently due to a build-up of dirt and wear and tear. However, it’s the low-maintenance factor that makes the belt drive really stand out. As the belt is completely lubricant and maintenance-free, the days of rolling your trousers up to avoid oil stains are over. 
At Schindelhauer, we’ve developed two options for belt tension: you can opt for either the patented crocodile-belt-tensioning-system or the slider-belt-tensioning-system. We always focus on form as much as on function, so all frames are equipped with patented Schindelhauer Belt Port Technology. All technical components are fully integrated into the design of the bike without affecting the stiffness of the rear triangle.

Shimano Nexus 8-speed hub
Depending on your component choices, Greta comes with a Shimano Nexus 8-speed hub. With a total gear range of 307%, this model is also ideal for long bike rides involving hills and tailwinds. Being low maintenance and ultra-quiet due to the pawl-free design, the Shimano Nexus is also a perfect match for our quiet belt drive heaven. Gears are easily and precisely engaged with the rapid-fire shifter.
SRAM Automatix 2-speed freewheel
Not having to think about gear shifting is a luxury you would otherwise only expect with a single-speed bike. The SRAM Automatix 2-speed hub automatically shifts up a gear when you reach around 16 km/h. When you slow down again, it automatically drops a gear down again. A component that makes your life this easy is a rare find.
TRP - Spyre
The Spyre is a mechanical disc brake manufactured by TRP that does things a little differently. In contrast to regular mechanical disc brakes, the Spyre is a dual-sided mechanical disc brake caliper so both brake pads actuate at the same time. This makes for precise clamping, maximum clearance and even pad wear. The pads can be readjusted tool and hassle free.
Curana - CLite mudguards
Mudguards are a must for this bike and the understated CLite guards by Curana are the best match on the market. Due to the innovative aluminium sandwich design, these mudguards are both slim and stiff at the same time.
Tange Seiki - integrated headset
All Schindelhauer bikes strive for a pared-back look, even when it comes to the headset. We’ve fully integrated the Tange cartridge bearing, so it accentuates the head tube. Seamless joints around the bicycle fork and stem area lend a flawless finish, creating the impression that the bike is cast from one piece of metal. What’s more, this also protects the bearings from dust and debris.

Technical Specifications:

Frame: Aluminium (AL6061-T6), triple butted aero tubing, forged dropouts with slider-belt-tensioning-system and Schindelhauer belt port, points for frame mounted front rack, smooth welded
Fork: Curved aluminium fork for disc brake mount
Headset: Tange Seiki - integrated, 1 1/8
Power transmission: Gates Carbon Drive - CDN, front 46T, rear 24T, belt 115T
Gear shift: SRAM Automatix 2-speed / Shimano - Nexus 8-speed
Crank set: Gates Carbon Drive - S150
Bottom bracket: THUN - Zumba
Pedals: VP - Nylon, with grip tape
Stem: Schindelhauer
Handlebar: Schindelhauer - Jane, Aluminium
Saddle: Schindelhauer
Seat post: Schindelhauer
Grips: Schindelhauer
Wheels: Shimano - DH-T4050 hub dynamo, SRAM - Automatix 2-speed / Shimano Nexus 8-speed, Alexrims - DP23 27,5“ rims, SAPIM spokes, 3-cross and 2-cross laced
Brakes: Shimano – MT200 disc brakes (hydraulic) 160 mm
Tyres: WTB - Horizon 47 - 584, with reflex stripes
Weight: 13.8 kg
Mudguards: Curana – Apollo (extrusion profile mudguards)
Pannier rack: Schindelhauer - steel, frame mounted, with VarioStraps
Lighting: Busch und Müller Lumotec Eyc N Plus front and ILU jr. rear
Additional features: Pletscher Twin stand, Mounting of bottle cage or lock onto the frame is possible! Attaching a child seat onto the seat post is possible! Installing a bicycle trailer onto the rear axle is possible but will require a hub hitch adapter. Please consult the trailer manufacturer or dealer for further information. 

Any questions about this product?
Or do you need any help ordering? Feel free to get in touch with our support department at [email protected] or +31(0)639 333 199. We're happy to help!
Any questions about this product?
Or do you need any help ordering? Feel free to get in touch with our support department at [email protected] or +31(0)639 333 199. We're happy to help!

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Schindelhauer Bikes Gustav
Schindelhauer Bikes
Practical, functional and but still with a reduced appearance – Gustav is an all...
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