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Bookman creates inspiring visibility products with an aesthetic edge for cyclists, runners and pedestrians that need to see and be seen. With heavy focus on the details, quality and safety, the design has one goal: to make everyone visible in traffic and prevent accidents.

“Safety doesn’t have to be boring. We’re on a mission to save lives and make everyone visible in traffic. And to achieve that, our belief is we need to create products that people genuinely love to use.“

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Bookman draws on the heritage of Swedish safety-conscious brands but also finds inspiration in the traditions of minimalistic, functional Scandinavian design and innovative technology. And, coming from the land of polar nights, with 24 hours of darkness, each product must live up to the highest standards.

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Bookman USB Light Set
USB Light Set
The USB Light is compact, lightweight and surprisingly bright. It fits all bicyc...
€39,00 €32,23 €19,50 €16,11
Bookman Curve Rear Light
Curve Rear Light
The battery indicator and ‘on’ button is situated on top which also doubles as t...
€39,00 €32,23 €19,50 €16,11
Bookman Reflective Stickers
Reflective Stickers
Reflective Stickers are a fun and colorful way of making your bike look awesome ...
€7,00 €5,79 €3,50 €2,90
Bookman Clip-on Reflectors
Clip-on Reflectors
Wearable magnetic reflectors are a convenient and effortless way to add reflecti...
€7,00 €5,79 €3,50 €2,90
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