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Velo Orange Klunker Bar
Velo Orange
Klunker Bar
The Klunker Bar will quickly become your favorite handlebar. These upright, chro...
€105,00 €86,78
Velo Orange Crazy Bars
Velo Orange
Crazy Bars
The VO Crazy Bars are intended for touring on paved and unpaved roads, single an...
€130,00 €107,44
BLB Flat Rat Handlebar Rack
Flat Rat Handlebar Rack
BLB Flat Rat racks are made from heat-treated alloy making them light-weight (on...
€109,00 €90,08
BLB Big Smoke Bar
Big Smoke Bar
Super wide (720mm) Freestyle handlebars that were designed to give you more cont...
€40,00 €33,06
BLB Hobo Loop Handlebar
Hobo Loop Handlebar
The Hobo Bar is the perfect upgrade for any bikepacking, touring, mountain or ad...
€62,00 €51,24
BLB Bullhorn Bar
Bullhorn Bar
Narrow straight alloy bullhorn bars, perfect width to squeeze through traffic.
€30,00 €24,79
BLB Eastwood Bar
Eastwood Bar
A new generation of bull bar with slightly curved-in arms, the Eastwood bar will...
€35,00 €28,93
Schindelhauer Bikes Handlebar Stem Combination 550mm Matte black
Schindelhauer Bikes
Handlebar Stem Combination 550mm Matte black
Function meets minimalism: Our integrated handlebar stem is understated, yet eye...
€79,00 €65,29
BLB Pursuit Bar
Pursuit Bar
These aluminium Pursuit bars are one of our best selling products. Great vintage...
€47,00 €38,84
Velo Orange Seine Handlebar
Velo Orange
Seine Handlebar
The Seine Bar is an offroad-worthy riser bar featuring a super comfortable posit...
€89,00 €73,55
Cruiser Handlebar
Cruiser Handlebar
The handlebar Ergotec City Cruiser Bugel MAS offers a comfortable fit compatible...
€25,00 €20,66
BLB Mini Me Handlebar
Mini Me Handlebar
High-rise but super narrow and nippy butted aluminium riser bars.
€32,00 €26,45
Schindelhauer Bikes LightSKIN LED Handlebar Dynamo
Schindelhauer Bikes
LightSKIN LED Handlebar Dynamo
The LightSKIN handlebar (dynamo version) offers what many bicycle enthusiasts ha...
€99,00 €81,82
LightSkin LED Handlebar
LED Handlebar
The LightSKIN handlebar offers what many bicycle enthusiasts have been waiting f...
€99,00 €81,82
Schindelhauer Bikes Bullhorn Handlebars
Schindelhauer Bikes
Bullhorn Handlebars
Grab life by the horns! The Schindelhauer Bullhorn Handlebar puts the rider in a...
€59,00 €48,76
Schindelhauer Bikes Moon Handlebar
Schindelhauer Bikes
Moon Handlebar
The Schindelhauer Moon handlebar facilitates an upright sitting position while m...
€23,00 €19,01
BLB Big Eazy Riser Bar Black
Big Eazy Riser Bar Black
The BLB Big Eazy Riser bar (black) is a super wide (750mm) freestyle handlebar t...
€36,00 €29,75
Velo Orange Velo Orange Utility Flat Bar
Velo Orange
Velo Orange Utility Flat Bar
The Utility Flat Bar is one of VO's bases of VO's Utility System. With the bar's...
€180,00 €148,76
Pelago Outback Handlebar
Outback Handlebar
The Outback handlebar is designed to give a more balanced and sportive riding po...
€35,00 €28,93
Schindelhauer Bikes Handlebar Noirette
Schindelhauer Bikes
Handlebar Noirette
Shapely and versatile: The Schindelhauer Noirette handlebar combines a classic h...
€49,00 €40,50
BLB Track Drop Bar
Track Drop Bar
Super narrow alloy track drop bars, classic smooth C-shaped profile with deep dr...
€29,00 €23,97
Velo Orange Daija Handlebar
Velo Orange
Daija Handlebar
For all the off road drop bar fans...

With off road drop bars, most riders ha...
€80,00 €66,12
BLB Bronson Handlebar Silver
Bronson Handlebar Silver
Ride round like you own the place. The Bronson bar keeps your head up and your c...
€24,00 €19,83
BLB Roadrat Riser Bar
Roadrat Riser Bar
Alloy riser bars in a wealth of colours that are nice and narrow, making them pe...
€30,00 €24,79
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