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Kids Bike Zubehör

Woom Kids Helmet

Kids Helmet

Kids have strong heads ‒ and we've got the best protection! When it comes to b..
Woom Muddie Fender Set

Muddie Fender Set

MUDDIE Fenders
Puddles are there to be ridden through – at top speed! Our MUD..
Woom Snap Click-On Fenders

Snap Click-On Fenders

Our fenders for woom ORIGINAL bikes with 14" to 26" wheels provide maximum prote..
Woom Warm Tens Bike Gloves

Warm Tens Bike Gloves

Limited edition. There’s no such thing as bad weather! All you need for a jau..
Woom Leggie Kickstand

Leggie Kickstand

It's best to ride around on woom bikes the whole day and experience many adventu..
Woom Slurp Bottle With Holder

Slurp Bottle With Holder

Those who pedal a lot have to drink a lot. All the better when the little ones h..
Woom Pickup Rack

Pickup Rack

Whether they are on their way to the park, to school or to see their friends, ou..
Bungi Bungi SKS Fender Set
Bungi Bungi

SKS Fender Set

Mudguards keep kids dry and allows them to enjoy rain more than ever. They are..
Woom Cyclope Bike Light

Cyclope Bike Light

Safe, reliable, simple. Whether in the dark or in the fog, bike lights make youn..
Woom Sloff Frame Bag

Sloff Frame Bag

The SLOFF Frame Bag combines classic denim with functional material to create a ..
Woom Lokki Chain Lock

Lokki Chain Lock

Secure your beloved woom bike in a matter of seconds with our LOKKI Bike Lock. T..
Woom Mudblocka Mudguards

Mudblocka Mudguards

Please note that all Woom products are excluded from the sale!
Suitable for all..
Woom Walkie Carrier Strap

Walkie Carrier Strap

Parents may have to carry their child's bike on the way home or on the go while ..
Woom Roo Handlebar Bag

Roo Handlebar Bag

Little adventurers sometimes need a co-pilot to accompany them on their action-p..
Woom Dock Bike Stand

Dock Bike Stand

Tripping over a small bike in the hallway need not be: a messy kids' room is eno..
Woom Lokki Bike Lock Black

Lokki Bike Lock Black

LOKKI Bike Lock
Secure your beloved woom bike in a matter of seconds with our L..
Woom Bell


Loud things come in small packages! Small but surprisingly powerful, this bicycl..
Woom Walkie Bag For Balance Bike

Walkie Bag For Balance Bike

Those who do a tour with a balance bike also need a break. So the bike doesn't p..
Woom Surfboard Footrest

Surfboard Footrest

Once children have learned to balance there is no stopping them! This is the per..
Bungi Bungi Kickstand New Collection
Bungi Bungi

Kickstand New Collection

The kickstand is an amazing piece of art. It will make life easy and keeps bike..
Woom Skillz Training Set (10pieces)

Skillz Training Set (10pieces)

With the woom training set, you can quickly set up a small course anywhere for y..
Hornit Mini Light

Mini Light

With a Mini Hornithandlebar on your bike or scooter you are not only clearly vis..
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