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Schindelhauer Bikes Siegfried
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Schindelhauer Bikes Siegfried
Schindelhauer Bikes

Schindelhauer Bikes Siegfried

€1.795,00 Incl. btw
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Siegfried has quickly become a modern classic for urban commuters for its timeless design and modern technology. E Lees meer.

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Order or Pre-Order Yours Now!

For placing an Order and Pre-Order or to find out latest restock date email us - [email protected]

Siegfried - Minimal Modern Classic

Siegfried has quickly become a modern classic for urban commuters for its timeless design and modern technology. Equipped with the Gates Carbon Drive™ for no-maintenance, grease-free everyday riding to be done as you wish, single speed or fixed. Siegfried will effortlessly glide through traffic, turning each journey into an adventure. Minimal, light, and agile, with pinpoint handling, Siegfried comes with comfortable and stylish Brooks leather accessories and selected polished components to complete what is simply the most practical, reliable, fast commuter bike on the market.

  • Single speed / Fixed Gear
  • short wheelbase for agile handling
  • sport geometry, high bottom bracket
  • custom-tailored mudguards and front pannier rack available
  • Brooks applications
  • patended Schindelhauer crocodile belt tensioning system
Center Track belt drive system

Smoothly and quietly riding down the street- only listening to the sweet sound of the noise on the road. Alone the advantages of the belt drive system can make this experience come true. By applying the revolutionary Carbon Drive Technology made and developed by Gates™, carbon fibres are embedded in a polyurethane material, thus enabling the belt drive to outplay the chain. The belt’s superior technological advantages - low noise and zero maintenance - are truly irresistible. Extensive testing of the belt drive has shown that due to the applied high-strength carbon fibre, there is not even the slightest evidence of stretching, which forces you to replace drive components and is commonly observed when using standard chains. Consequently, the belt drive lasts much longer than standard chains and has an expected running performance of approximately 20,000 km (13,670 Miles). All rear-pulleys are exclusively manufactured from hardened steel to guarantee an extensive durability. The patented Mud Ports™ shed even the worst types of debris and keep the state of the art belt drive system in ideal function. Additional testing has revealed that the belt drive is as efficient as a chain. Particularly in the longer term it gives proof of its superior technology advantages to shed all types of debris and wear and to require low maintenance, whereas chains are reduced in their level of efficiency. It is the only drive system that is completely lubricant and maintenance-free. On top of this you can enjoy the freedom of riding your bike without any chain guard or ever having to roll up your trousers again. For putting the belt under tension, the Crocodile-Clamping-System has been developed and patented by Schindelhauer. Apart from ideal functionality, we focus just as much on balanced looks. That’s why all frames are equipped with the also patented Schindelhauer Belt-Port-Technology. This feature does not affect the stiffness of the rear triangle in any way and integrates all technical components smoothly into the design of the bike. Watch out!

Schindelhauer aluminium frame

If a bike ought to be equipped with a drive belt, it must have a frame with a stiff tail providing a high strength. Aluminum is ideally suited as material for component design of stiff bicycle frames due to achieving big cross sections at low weight. That’s why Schindelhauer Bikes has carefully chosen this non-ferrous-metal. High-quality 6061 aluminum is used to manufacture all frames. A maximum stiffness is achieved by T6-hot-age hardening every single frame. The Aero-tube set is triple butted and a fine compromise between lightweight design and durability. After welding the tubes by using the TIG welding process, every single weld is polished. The so-called “smooth-welding” does not only make a good visual impression, but also alleviates the stress concentration and improves the fatigue strength of the frame. A Schindelhauer Bike will give you pleasure for a long time- that’s our main objective. The appearance is flawless due to the installed cable pulleys, the integrated headset and seat clamp all within the frame. The forged dropout connects the self-developed SBP- Schindelhauer-Belt-Port as well as the Crocodile clamping system. Now the frame is ready to be fitted with the Gates™- Drive Belt.

Schindelhauer crocodile belt clamping system
The Gates™ belt has to be kept under tension. A task that Schindelhauer’s patented Crocodile clamping system can easily fulfill. The axis is steplessly adjustable by simply twisting the tooth lock washer resulting in an exact adjustment of the belt prestressing. Our primary objective was to develop a system that is easy to handle. By using a 17 open-jaw wrench the conical spring washer is twisted clockwise. The gearing releases the axis backwards, resulting in the prestressing of the belt. The axis is fixed by using an Allen wrench. Singlespeed and Fixed-Gear bikes made by Schindelhauer are equipped with a Crocodile clamping system on both sides of the back wheel. All components used consist of nitro steel and ensure a protection against corrosion. Riding your bike for a hell of a long time in that manner would still see it operating flawlessly.

 Schindelhauer belt port

 We like the idea of the drive belt blending in with the back frame tri-angle. Unfortunately, the laws of physics prevent that option. Due to Schindelhauer’s patented SBP-System the opening is well hidden and changing your drive belt is an easy task. A fixed connection between seat and chain stay is achieved by applying Schindelhauer’s positively spool piece in wave form, which reflects the design of the drive belt. It can easily be removed and reinstalled. By applying a continuous screw connecting all components, the original stiff state is restored and it looks as if nothing has ever been changed. No more annoying combinations of transmissions or screw connections affecting your eyesight- only the pure aesthetics of the invisible remain. If it involves a Schindelhauer Bike, this application goes visibly unnoticed. We are very proud of that.
Brooks Swift leather saddle
It doesn’t get any more classy than this. For decades, bike-connaisseurs have been appreciating this core leather saddle made in England. Once broken in, you can count on this saddle for a lifetime, even if you took it to the end of the world and back.  The swift model is of athletic and light appearance and shines due to his chromed seat stays. The hand-crafted copper rivets and cut by hand relief that is embossed in the saddle cover proof the professional devotion of Brooks.
Brooks bar tape
The perforated Brooks handlebar wrapping is made of breathable and long-lasting leather, which is of lightweight and lies perfectly in the hand. Besides, it stands for the quintessence of purism. Therefore, we have chosen the classic way of handlebar wire wrapping over the disdainful handles of modern bicycles. That’s were Siegfried got his personal touch from.
Schindelhauer urban pedal
Pedal in style – On our quest for the perfect pedal, we developed the Urban-Pedal. With its flat outline and slip-proof 3M-SafetyWalk tread, a safe stand and ideal force transmission is provided at all times. The light, CNC-shaped pedal is high-end equipped with a CrMo Axle, a sealed bearing and an IGUS plain bearing. Furthermore, it can be combined with our pedal hook set and our pedal straps. 
Continental Grand Prix tires
A classic tire, custom-made for the traditionalist. The Grand Prix tire by Continental is made from a new compound called “Black-Chili“. This rubber compound emphasizes its quality and has shown and proven its outstanding grip performance on wet or dry surfaces time and time again. Manufactured in Korbach (Germany) the Grand Prix tire has convinced us that it is the perfect tire for a tough Singlespeed-Racer like Siegfried, due to its low rolling friction and light weight.
Tange Seiki  integrated headset
The main thrust of all Schindelhauer Bikes is reduction by means of system integration. Even the headset won’t be spared. The cartridge chamber made by Tange is fully integrated and shines due to the waist shaped head tube. The entire bike seems to be flawless due to the smooth transition of bicycle fork and stem. Besides, the bearings are ideally protected against dust and debris.

Tektro brake systems

The ultra-light dual-pivot road bike brakes with side-pull go perfectly with the classic design of our bikes. Forged aluminum is used to manufacture the brake arms. Optimal delay in dry and wet conditions is achieved by applying angle adjusted brake pads. The easy to handle quick release makes disassembling your set of wheels a piece of cake.

Frame: Aluminium (AL6061-T6), triple butted aero tubing, forged horizontal drop outs with crocodile belt tensioning system and Schindelhauer - belt port, integrated seat post clamp, internal cable routing, smooth welded
Fork: Curved aluminium fork
Headset: Tange Seiki - integrated
Power transmission: Gates Carbon Drive - CDX, front 60T, rear 22T (6-hole/9spline), belt 115T
Crankset: Shimano - Alfine Hollowtech II
Bottom bracket: BSA, Shimano - Alfine Hollowtech II
Pedals: Schindelhauer - Urban Pedal, aluminium, CNC machined
Stem: Schindelhauer
Handlebar: Schindelhauer - aluminium moon bar
Saddle: Brooks - Swift
Seat post: Schindelhauer
Grips: Brooks - leather bar tape
Wheels: Schindelhauer - high flange front hub, flip-flop rear hub, Alexrims - CX30 rims, Sapim - Race spokes, radial and 3-cross laced
Brakes: Tektro - R539, Tektro - FL750
Tires: Continental - Grand Prix 28-622
Weight: 8.6 kg
Mudguards: Mudguard mounting possible
Pannier rack: Front pannier rack mounting possible

The Manufacturer Reserves The Right to Make Minor Changes To Features Without Prior Notice!

Any questions about this product?
Or do you need any help ordering? Feel free to get in touch with our support department at [email protected] or +31(0)639 333 199. We're happy to help!
Any questions about this product?
Or do you need any help ordering? Feel free to get in touch with our support department at [email protected] or +31(0)639 333 199. We're happy to help!

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Schindelhauer Bikes Siegfried
Schindelhauer Bikes
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