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Usually we keep things in a kind of storage device.
Through this habit, I realized the need to integrate the components that make up the lights into an assembly. LightSKIN is designed, built, and designed to be fully functional, universally appropriate and aesthetically modern, ensuring maximum performance for the strength and functionality of bicycle parts.
Compared to existing bike lights that are attached externally, LightSKIN has numerous advantages.
There is no extrusion, so there is less risk of breakage and less possibility of theft. It guarantee superior performance and the resistance to damage by water is excellent because of adoption of the LED circuit self-invented in South Korea and a unique patent internal structure.
LightSkin LED Handlebar
LED Handlebar
The LightSKIN handlebar offers what many bicycle enthusiasts have been waiting f...
€99,00 €81,82
LightSkin LED - Seat Post - StVZO Version
LED - Seat Post - StVZO Version
If you like your bike with a sleek, harmonious look there's no need to compromis...
€79,00 €65,29
LightSkin LightSKIN Stem Bracket For U2 Light
LightSKIN Stem Bracket For U2 Light
The Ultra-Mini-Light (U2) from LightSKIN is the world's smallest bicycle front l...
€10,00 €8,26
LightSkin LED - Seat Post - International Version
LED - Seat Post - International Version
Guaranteed to attract attention in city traffic, the distinctive LightSKIN LED s...
€69,00 €57,02
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